Send in the Clones

Can I just say: Robert Carlyle as Boba Fett? Thank you.

Begbie Fett. Trust me, it's the only way to follow Darth Maul.

Anyway, looks like the next couple of films are going to change the way we view the original to a degree. For example, the fact that we're going to be meeting the young "Auntie Beru" and "Uncle Owen" in part two (and, presumably, part three) is going to make it more shocking when they are turned to shit in A New Hope. Obviously some viewers experience profound sensations at this unpleasant development, but I think most of us are thinking "get on with it". If, however, the couple are old friends, we are more likely to be concentrating on them rather than on Luke - who will come across as a shiftless, whinging waster. (More so because of George's wise decision to cut out Luke's introductory scenes with his chums.)

Anyway, if this adds to the shock value of ANH's early stages, just imagine what the "Death Star test" scene will be like if we've already seen Alderaan in its prime... Bail Organa, Mrs Organa and all the little Aleraanians, all gone in a puff of smoke. It'll give the kiddies nightmares.