On The Waterfront

1988 - 1989

Andrew O'Connor
Bernadette Nolan
Kate Copstick
Terry Randall
"On the Waterfront,
Come and join the fun.
You can something something something
something something something
On the Waterfront..."

Pretty much unique among Sat Kids shows, this was actually more of a sketch show in the Fast Forward vein, and none of it was live. Recorded in a warehouse in Liverpool (hence the title), Waterfront mixed location-shot sketches with studio frippery (more sketches and games) in front of an audience of kiddies. Particularly amusing were the 'Lard family', named for their staple diet - a comic riff which has since been picked up by Viz, Harry Enfield and Mark Radcliffe, possibly.

The programme's masterpiece was its parody of The Flashing Blade, where the po-faced European serial was given a new lease of life through irreverent re-dubbing. This not only pre-empted a raft of adult versions (such as The Staggering Stories of Ferdinand de Bargos), but many would say it was funnier.

Sketches in the second series included Run Betty Run; Steel City (more voice-over japery); The Pink Clog (pictured) - a saga of two Northern families; and Very Good Car, a Gerry Anderson puppet-show parody.

Interestingly, or not, Andrew O'Connor and Kate Copstick were both regulars in the 1986/87 series of No. 73.