1988 - 1989 (BBC Summer)

Anthea Turner
Tony Dortie
Jenni Powell

"It's UP-2-U!"
Yes, this was the show that gave Anthea 'Stomach' Turner her big break, but judge not too harshly: somehow, the programme wasn't as bad as it sounds at this remove. Even Anthea Turner was nowhere near as annoying then (though, like Sophie Aldred, her natural environment is Children's Telly, and whoever let her out into the grown up world needs slapping). Despite this, however, it is most remembered - as is only fair - for the occasion when Anthea Turner caught fire while reporting from the Royal Tournament.
The set was odd - a stark white affair with the presenters grouped in the middle, around a pedestal made up of the letters "UP2U". While the show came "Live from the centre of Manchester", each week one of the three would be out and about on the "Roving Eye". Improving filmed reports came from canal-boat dwelling cyclist Nick Sanders (ex of It's Wicked).

After UP2U, Turner swiftly moved on to Blue Peter - apparently to fulfil her lifelong ambition - Jenni Powell presented a wildlife programme for Children's BBC, and Tony Dortie... Tony Dortie was one of the presenters on the early-90's revamp of Top of the Pops, where he was quite annoying. "Laters" - that was his catchphrase.