The Saturday Starship

1984 - 1985 (ITV Winter)

Tommy Boyd
Bonnie Langford
Nigel Roberts

This attempt to liven up The Saturday Show by transplanting it to a spaceship (later done much better by Get Fresh) was only a partial success. In fact, when the addition of Bonnie Langford is taken into account, even that may be a bit generous.

By now the show comprised "bouncy Bonnie, twitty Tommy and nutty Nigel" linking the standard "cartoons, film clips, pop guests and videos". Several months were wasted while Bonny Langford taught a selection of precocious dance students a week-by-week, step-by-step dance routine to the theme music. Many viewers now cannot think about the theme music without Bonnie interjecting: "Saturday (Forward! Back! Forward! Back!) Starship!"