Going Live

1987 - 1992 (BBC Winter)

Presented by
Philip Schofield
Sarah Greene
Trevor and Simon (comic relief)
Annabel Giles (fashion)
Philip Hodson (agony uncle)
Emma Forbes (cookery)
Nick Ball / James Hickish
(alleged comic relief 91-92)
Mark Chase (1991)
Phil interviews his old showbiz buddy Jason Donovan.

In the opinion of many, this was the pinaccle of the BBC's Satkids programming. The relationship between the two co-presenters was the best yet, and while the programme had wackiness aplenty in the form of professional comedians (don't laugh) Trevor and Simon, it was also not afraid to tackle more serious issues.

It's hard to imagine Mike Read or Noel Edmonds having the right touch for the more serious segments which were introduced to the programme (just think of Tidybeard's treacly Christmas morning shows and allow yourself a shudder).

Philip Schofield's career arguably peaked here; he is unlikely ever again to inspire an audience the way he did on Going Live, and previously in the CBBC broom cupboard. Especially not with the toss he's been given on ITV.

...Against all that, Going Live also had Gordon the Gopher, a puppet that inspired far more affection than was strictly proper given that it was clearly operated by somone with no sense of humour.

Trevor and Simon, of course, need no introduction. Unlike their replacements in the 1991-92 series, Nick Ball and James Hickish. Such was the public outcry that Mssrs Hicks and Neale were persuaded to return the next year (for Live and Kicking).