United Miller News Business Freeman Media. Or something.

Left to right:
  • Paul "Genio" Morris (A/P without portfolio)
  • "Rocket" Ron Francis (Smooth Contractor and Team Leader)
  • Martin "Giblet" Gilbert (Senior A/P without portfolio and ex-Team Leader)
  • Nick "Doryphore" Flynn (Senior A/P, right-hand-man and ex-Office Junior)
Left to right:
  • Zoe "Angel" Angyal (Hungaro-American and key user)
  • Wil "mmm" Popp (Project Leader without portfolio)
  • "Furry" Shaun Fourie (South African and senior Database person)
  • Julia Jenner (roving Project manager and general survivor)
  • me (as above)
  • Paul "mad" Bedford (VB contractor who managed to last longer than three weeks)
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