I've got m'Orion you*

This is all of us, midway through the 'Orion closedown'. Some of these people have already gone on to better things. Others would never work again.
[Will Davies, Barry, FODEN, Paul Morris (me), Vicks, Pauly K, the Hughster, Dave Little (who he?).]

Gorgeous Steve Foden [1998] Vicky Jedrzejewska, my delightful ex-mentee [1999] Paul 'Pauly K' King, dancing bastard [1999]
Sonia and Bodders (1999).

Barry 'gutache' Brickell [1997]

Will 'always the Quiet Ones' Davies. Hugh 'man' Routley [1997]

The Vickster and I enjoying a quiet moment at new year [2000]

Vicky, Steve, Jackie King (aka Mel C) and me.

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* Possibly the worst play on words in the history of mankind?