2000 piccies

V2000 Chelmsford, August 19th/20th

Note that these pictures were taken on one of the 25 crappy Orion Motor Insurance "Incident cameras" I was given when they sacked me, hence the poor quality. You woudn't believe how much work it took to make the one of all four or us (below left) look any good at all - it originally had a strange green tint, like a glass of lime cordial, and about as much contrast as . In fact I should probably put a before and after comparison on here in the manner of recent Doctor Who DVD's.

Here we all are, doing our best Famous Five impression (Timmy the Dog not pictured),

That's Barry on the left, and the other one must be me. Barry has found something interesting on the table.

Vicky and her friend Charlie, whom she insisted on bringing along. Here they are seen having trouble reading the map.

Better pictures will follow when Charlotte gets her film developed!

My Birthday Cafe Des Amis, Canterbury, November 1st

The Fodester, The Bazster, The Vickster, Ellie Townsend, me (29), The Scottster.

Tenerife December 8th -15th

Mr M. A. Morris (left, very tanned) and Mr P. J. Morris (right, slightly tanned and a bit flabby)

Another shot of the old man, looking characteristically thoughtful.

Here's me demonstrating how not to adopt such a pose.

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