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Me, myself and I

My Acting Career 1988-89, basically. Didn't amount to a whole hill of beans.
Bad Hair Days 1990-95, basically. Then I got it just about sorted out.

Friends, Family and Colleagues

My family and other sods Mum, Dad, grandparents, other relations.
The Dover (etc) gang Dave, AJ, Matt, Olley, Alex and their women.
The Canterbury / London posse Rob, Simon, Barny, their mates and so on
My ex-workmates from Orion Bary, Foden, Vicky, PK, and all the others.
A miscellany of friends Various other types. Needs sorting out.
My ex-college chums Debbie, Owen, Nick Curry and so forth.
My workmates at Miller Freeman Mr Gilbert, Mr Flynn, Rocket Ronnie and the like.


Canada 1998 holiday Dave, Olley and myself on our visit which incorporated AJ's wedding.
2000 piccies V2000; my 29th birthday; trip to Tenerife with Mr Morris Snr.
2001 piccies Meeting TV's "The League of Gentlmen" at Drury Lane in March.
NEW! Canada 2001 holiday Olley and I make it back to Halifax and lounge around in "Andy's Bar".


WebsCam Feel the thrill in your soul as you spy on me and my friends going about our daily business! [Defunct]

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