Other Sites You May Enjoy

Here are some other sites I feel duty-bound to recommend. Some really are good - others are just run by friends of mine.


TV Ark

Classy television-oriented site devoted to the 'Theme Tune' and the 'Title Sequence'. I can recommend in particular Johnny Ball's Think of a Number.


A site dedicated to collecting and recommending the best British Comedy sites. Generally their choices are very good, so I commend them to you.

Watched It

Classic children's television. All you wanted to know about your mis-spent youth. Plus the incidental music from Bod. (They linked to my 73 site, so they must be pretty on the ball.)

Dark Horizons

A compendium of movie news, gossip and reviews from around the world.

Corrie Net

The two best mainstream fan sites for the world's greatest soap opera, bar none. This is the place to go for info on characters, actors and the like.


And this is the place to go for updates on recent episodes. It also has the best Corrie guestbook.


The Onion

America's premier satirical resource - but you knew that. Wonderfully understated.

Landover Baptist

Similar style to the above, but aimed entirely at evangelical Christianity. Don't forget: the unsaved are not welcome.

NTK (Need To Know)

Your weekly fix of web-focused sarcasm.


Web-based brain-fart of Simon 'The Scottster' Scott. Home of Snowglobia, Strange But Not True, and much more. You'll make his day if you have a look.

Hamster Dance

It's been and gone since I first put this link up here...

Jism Foundation

Pledge your support today! You know it makes sense!

The Pants Appreciation Society

And I thought my obsessions were strange.


SAD Magazine

The internet's premier resource for intelligent analysis and frippery on the subject of "cult tv". Or so say Rob and I.

West Medway Local Group

And it would be churlish not to promote the fine work of our old friends at the West Medway Local Group...


If you are as tragic as me, you can 'count-down' the days to Star Wars Episode III at Countingdown.com. Mad as a balloon.


The best fan Star Wars site by a mile (or parsec if you prefer). Mercifully free of the scarily certifiable quality of most others.

Energize Homepage

Here lies my ex-workmate Jose Fernandez. He presides over ONE OF the largest clans of Star Trek fans in KENT!

Cold Print

The on-line version of 'Cold Print', our friend Simon 'Barny' Barnyard's excellent literary-slanted horror fanzine.



Rob Morris' site. He writes a lot of short stories. He is not my brother. He told me to put this link here.

Fallen Angel

Theoretically you should visit this instead. But I'm not going to bother removing the link to Certified until Rob removes the website itself - only fair.


Without a doubt THE BEST personal website I have ever seen. A loving gift from Steve, to his many fans.

Concrete Elephant

Welcome to the world of Simon Benedict Guerrier, aka the self-styled Sci-fi Simon. SAD Magazine staff writer, wine buff, all round tall person. And his mates.

World of Belcher

"Fine silliness from the boy Belcher", as a tall, crop-haired buffoon once proclaimed. I can recommend in particular 'No! Not the Anal Probe!'

Atomic Kitten

Actually she's more Paul King's friend than mine.

Naomi "Shazza" Maltby

Very nice Australian lady who thinks I'm a Dude.


The Fall

The best band in the world-ah.

The Smiths

No, they're not miserable. They're hilarious.


Grandiose, operatic, spiky, real.


Pop music with big guitars. "Not as good as they used to be" is an udnerstatement. In fact they're shite now.

David Bowie

Where's myyyy saus-ages?


Well, I liked them...


Yes, they are miserable, but they're fantastic.

Ian Brown




The Divine Comedy

The majestic band who can pluck at your heart strings while rubbing your funny bone.

The Stone Roses

Are you made of stone?

Kristin Hersh

Lovely Kristin can entertain thousands with merely her voice and a geetar.

Throwing Muses

...and this was her band. (And perhaps still is...?)

The Verve

Anthemic, when they can be bothered.


Anthemic, always.

drums U.K.

The UK's second biggest-selling Drum magazine, which just happens to be edited by my dad. And guess who the webmaster is... (No, it's not Steve Foden.)



This is really something.




It's anthropological! It's voyeuristic! It's great fun! And totally legal... Jenny wants you to spy on her, so what are you waiting for - get gawping.

Urban Legends Reference Pages

The wacky world of urban myth explained away in as much detail as you could hope for.
I come from Dover. I spend a fair amount of time in pubs, drinking beer. That's why I set up the definitive Dover Pub website. But this one is the original, and it's not bad.


If you haven't got ICQ, get it. Better than MSN Messenger in my book.



This is where I live now.

CMP Information

My current employers. Formerly known as Miller Freemnam, United Business Media &c. I didn't design this websiteone day., but I have just finished designing its replacement. Watch this space - they may even put it live