Are Friends Eclectic?

Well, are they? This is a collection of people who almost fit into the other categories, but not quite. Perhaps one day I'll decide that they should, and this page will be consigned to that great website in the sky.

Pod, below left, is the only person from my year at school that I'm still in contact with, and a large part of that is his doing, so a big hand for him. He has recently started working for the same company as me - sort of - so we communicate more often now. Sarbjit has recently moved to Albert Embankment. Cara lives in South Woodford and now works for the Red Cross. Nicola originally lived in Dover but moved to London when she finished university. Sam is now in London, Elaine is still in Maidstone, and Laura is still in Dover, although I never see her. I have no idea about the others (Debbie presumably knows what Janice is up to).

Picture removed at friend's request.

Pod (Ian Davies) and friend [1996]

Reason: "It's becoming embarrassing." Umm... yes. Sorry.

Nicola Spink [1995]

Cara 'Jane' Parkinson [1999]

Cara Parkinson [slightly later 1999]

Elaine Kitteringham [1999]

Samantha Wright [1995]

Pamela Martin [1992]

Laura McLurkin [1996]

Janice Leesley [1993]

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