Dover Gang

"The Four Best People in the World" (1993 style):
A.J., Steve, myself and Dave.
Andrew 'A.J.' Dale David 'Dewdrop' Dixon Ollie 'Psycho' Gambrell
Steve 'Incredible' Cleverley and Catherine Matthew 'Doug' Pearson Alex 'Irresponsible' Hill and Jeanette

The whole gang in Maxwell's Plum English Pub, Halifax, Canada (September 1998). Picture taken, ready-cropped, by Catherine. Note the sad smile on Paul's face as he realises that the photo is going to be shit. Ollie can sense it too.

AJ and Angela on honeymoon.

Steve and Catherine tie the knot, September 1999.

Here you see me working my magic on two engaged ladies (Catherine and Jo). (1999)

Laura McLurkin, Dave's ex-girlfriend, my ex-girlfriend, etc, etc.(1996)

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