Thank-you for the Muse (sic)

All of these people have made a contribution to my life. Some contributed to the formation of my very personality, whether with a simple verbal tic or a whole way of looking at life. I think it's about time they were held accountable for this. [Note that I have included piccies and links to websites, where available, should you require further information.]

People I know now

Ellie Townsend She's all right.
Owen Eagleton Incomparable, extraordinary... my hero, Owen Eagleton.  
Simon Scott Complex and compelling, like a fine claret. PIC
David Dixon A drinker, a thinker, sometimes a stinker. PIC
Sarbjit Singh Bahkshi All told, the best of men. PIC
Rob Morris Tall, civilised, deep, not my brother. PIC
Andrew Dale Country gent, greasy eccentric, hopeless debater. PIC
Oliver Gambrell It's always the quiet ones. PIC
Barry Brickell Has made an artform of the gut-ache. PIC
Steve Foden With his selfless devotion to comical behaviour. PIC
Ian Greaves For all sorts of things but particuarly the Fall thing. Ah..  
Simon Barnard My link with the rich and famous. And Steve Lamacq. PIC
Illy MacDonald For just being Illy.  
Andrew Kent Nice as pie, so they tell me.  
Vicky Jedrzejewska My delightful ex-mentee. PIC
Paul King For dancing like a bastard, among other things. PIC
Nic Ayling My link with the world of defunct television stations - and newsagents!  
Ian Davies Music-loving, computer-programming, fish obssessed maniac. PIC
Matt Pearson A regular guy, who gave his name to a way of playing pool. PIC

People I knew then

Debbie Delahay She is inconstant, fickle, selfish, and has ruined my life. PIC
Andrew Rush Witty, affable, unashamedly snobbish. Where is he now?  
Nick Curry Keeps the faith. PIC
Laura McLurkin Loose and cool and nobody's fool. PIC
Samantha Wright I admire this woman. PIC
Nicola Spink Pre-raphaelite woman. PIC
Helen Russell She's lovely.  
Elaine Kitteringham Crazy name, crazy lady. PIC
Cara Parkinson Georgian-obsessed shopaholic. PIC
Shazzie D Amusement!  
Ashley Baker Very good friend of mine, once upon a time, though not apparently any longer.  

Honourable mentions

Maria De Colellis Recruitment consultant to the stars.  
Jose Fernandez Plenty advice given in putting this rubbish together.  
Hugh Routley Hughman! Hughmour! etc. PIC