Canterbury People

Barny, Rob, Scottster and Paul, all somewhat 'tired and emotional'. [1998]

Paul (horrified) and Roger (fascinated) look on as Rob and Simon suck each other.

Radio One Producer Simon "Barny" Barnard in a typical pose. [1998]

Sharon and Roger's wedding. Almost everyone I know was invited, except me! I gather it was an excellent do. [1999]

The SAD Magazine editorial team, outside London's popular Fitzroy Tavern. Simon Guerrier (not actually from Canterbury), Rob, me, Simon Scott. [1999]

Robert 'no relation' Morris. Lee Binding to right. [1999]

Simon H Scott himself [1999]


Visual Imagination - the Next Generation. Simon & David Miller (Shivers); Lee Binding and Rob (TV Zone).

Chris and Carrie from Cambridge (ex Christchurch). Held a very good party in December 1999 at which I got very drunk and wore a dress.

Skip forward to 2001, and meet my very good friend Ellie Townsend!

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