Canada Revisited - a holiday of October 2001


I forget what we did on the evening we arrived; not a lot, I think. The best bit was AJ leaving his credit card behind the bar at the airport and sending Ange back to get it. (There was no alternative since, earlier in the week, he had lost his debit card and cancelled it - then found it again, in his wallet.) On the Friday, though, it was time for business: we ventured into Halifax and immediately remade our acquaintance with...

"Maxwell's Plum" - English Pub! Amazingly enough, the famous 89 cent burgers had actually gone down to 77 cents, which works out at a rather embarrasing 33p. After trying all of the English beers, none of which bear more than a passing resemblance to the real thing, we left to wander round Halifax and enjoy the unexpected sunshine. Much drinking and reminiscing followed, with the result that come the evening we were shagged out, so stayed in and watched rubbish on the telly.

On the Saturday we decided to do a bit of sightseeing and drove out to Peggy's Cove. We had been unable to get there on our previous visit as an aeroplane had crashed there a week or two before. (What with the current trip following hot on the heels of the World Trade Center attack, is it any wonder I don't like flying?)


AJ and Angela, still together after all these years - though in this picture their marriage is on the rocks!!!

Olley admires the Atlantic ocean. It wasn't really sloping like that.

On the Sunday we made our way out to the Hennigar homestead. Since our last visit the basement has been converted into "Andy's Bar", wherein AJ gets to fulfill his fantasies of acting like a true Dover pub landlord - i.e. drinking to excess and being rude to people while his wife does most of the work. Complete with a full-size pool table (in fact it's bigger than most in Dover), Andy's bar comes highly recommended if you happen to be passing through Kenetcook!

On the way back to Halifax we stopped at the local landmark "Court House Hill". Oddly, there was absolutely no evidence that there had ever been a court house on the site - or, indeed, anything.

Then for the rest of the holiday we dossed about in Halifax. Bit of an anti-climax, I know. Sorry.

To finish with, here is a picture that we failed to get last time we were here: me in Morris Street. Fantastic!


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