Oh Canada! - a holiday of September 1998

This would be me standing in the airport at Halifax. Olley and I flew out on the Thursday, while Dave joined us the following evening.

AJ, Angela and Dave chez Dale. Seems to be some tension in the air, perhaps caused by overcrowding.

The flats where AJ and Angela live. Note AJ mincing back to get the bus pass he has left behind.

To get from the Dales' to Halifax town centre is just brief walk down to the bus stop. And then a long bus ride.

But Halifax itself is a delight! Sloping down, as it does, into the harbour. All the good bits are near the top of the hill...

...such as Maxwell's Plum English Pub. About as English as Dick Van Dyke, but there was still something that appealed to us. Perhaps it was the 89c burgers?

Yes, there's no doubt that Halifax greatly charmed us all!

Towards the end of the first week we made our way out to the family home at Kennetcook - about an hour's drive. This is the car we used for the journey. (We attempted to use another car, but sadly crashed it en-route.)

Here you see the Hennigar ancestral seat, a specially erected Union Flag flying alongside its Canadian cousin. We stayed with the family for a few days, but as more guests turned up, we eventually had to move down the road to...

The cottage! A quite remarkable place, very close to nature, and some distance from the refinements of the twentieth century. Even getting back to it late at night was an adventure, crossing the swamp outside being akin to a game from The Crystal Maze.

Full of wonder at our new environment, we decided to go off exploring. This top natural landmark was a particular favourite. Here you see Olley and Dave arsing about.

Eventually came the reason for our visit - AJ's wedding. On the night before the big event, we managed to convince AJ to sleep at the cottage. This was mainly to satisfy tradition that the bride and groom should be separated - but also a ruse to get Olley away from the uncomfortable lilo in the front room. Here you see Andy arriving for his last night as a free man. At the end of an evening's imbibing, Master Dale looked like this... After a night on a lilo in front of a drafty front door, he looked even worse.

To be continued! 14 more fabulous photographs to be added!

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