NEW! The Paul Morris Club Updated 3rd September 2001

THE meeting place for people called Paul Morris, and people who want to meet people called Paul Morris. Yes, there's more than you'd think!

Kinda NEW! Michaela Saunders Updated 31st July 2004

My shrine to the BBC's greatest ever link-person.

The Beano comic (1938 - present) Updated 18th June 2000

I read the Beano from the age of 5 until I was 14, when I sniffily decided that it had gone downhill (Adrian Mole's syndrome). I started reading it again when he was a student, and still do, occasionally. I collect copies of The Beano, read them, laugh at them and worship them. This page won't tell you why. It's a fairly straight history of the comic, its top artists and their characters.

Now updated following a visit from a proper person who bemoaned the lack of pictures. Redesigned so it looks a bit more Beano-esque, some pictures added (to the Dennis the Menace section), and I promise you I won't stop this time until it's actually interesting!

Sat Kids Updated 10th March 2000

Building on the massive success of Hey You, the internet's premier Number 73 site, we present the ultimate guide to British Saturday morning children's telly. Building up quite nicely now, with many thousands of visitors - though I can't prove this as the counter disappeared one day.

International Jaws Collector Updated 28th August 2000

The society, of which I am the founder - and, some would say, sole - member, collects copies of the hit 1975 paperback 'Jaws' from car boot sales, charity shops and the like. Find out why here, and weep.

This just in: the total now stands at 119 copies!

Star Wars Updated 12th January 2000

Having already expanded from The Phantom Menace to all things Star Wars, this one is clearly going to grow and grow. (Unless that is, I stop writing stuff for it, as I did soon after writing that last sentence.)

Now updated with the remainder of Mr Morris' Star Wars articles from SAD Magazine, and new humorous pictures of Begbie Fett, Obi-Wan Renton and C3PBegbie. Plus some "work-in-progress" clever-dickery to do with stylesheets.

Voice of the Beehive Updated 11th December 2003

In many ways, still my favourite pop group. Lovely Tracey and lovely Melissa made some of the loveliest jangly pop of the late eighties and early nineties. This is part shrine, part historical document, part personal testimony. Now updated with a rejigged design that works regardless of what screen resolution you have! Yes, I do learn.

Interestingly, I fell in love with the Beehive in 1987 when I saw them on...

No. 73 Updated 9th January 2000

...TVS' charming and fondly remembered (by some) Saturday morning kids' show. 73 ran from 1982 to 1988 and remains one of the most original approaches to that often stale format. I set up this site mainly because I love the show, but also because it's a dead cert no-one else has or will, so I've cornered that particular part of the children's telly nostalgia market. Additional contributions from Channel 4's Nic 'Quids In' Ayling.

THIS TIME IT'S PERSONAL! Morris, You Clown Updated 2nd January 2000

My personal site. Lots of photos, tantamount to an online diary. Meet all my friends. Find out what I'm reading and listening to. Detail of my lame writing career. That sort of thing.

Latest addition is my Family Tree - yes, the whole thing, right back to 1550 in some directions. Trace the history of my vaccillating surname, and much more.

Charlotte Coleman Updated 5th December 1999

This was originally a tribute to my favourite actree, the beautiful and talented Charlotte Coleman. I guess it still is.

Bad Girl Warning! Updated 5th December 1999

Building on the massive success of SatKids, the internet's premier Saturday morning children's TV site, we present the ultimate guide to Andrew Davies' fondly remembered "Worst Girl in the World".

The story of Lavells Newsagents Updated 25th October 1999

Channel 4's Nic 'Quids In' Ayling runs you through the history of this fondly remembered chain of retail outlets. Or shops, as we used to call them.

New! An exciting picture of the Margate branch, circa 1974!

The SADder side of life Updated 3rd September 1999

I used to, and may again, edit a fanzine for cult tv fans - the Strange and Dedicated, as we think of them. It's called SAD Magazine. It has its own website, but if you click on the orange lettering I will introduce you to the whole phenomenon in a painless way.

The Definitive DOVER PUB website Updated 26th August 1999

I said I'd do it, and I have. Okay, it's not definitive yet, but it's a start. And it does have some very pretty pictures on it.