I'll miss you

...I'm still stunned by the news. My heart goes out to Charlotte's family and friends.

Until Saturday, this site was known as "The Charlotte Coleman Appreciation Society". (That's why the CNN website billed it as such.) But there never was a society, really - it was just me - a true labour of love.

As I didn't get around to adding a counter or a guestbook, I never really knew how many other people out there visited the site, or what they thought of it. To be honest, it was enough to feel that I'd done my bit to spread the word about my favourite actress. It needed doing: after twenty years close to my heart, Charlotte was still almost "unknown" to many people I met; and even among those who knew her work she seemed to be taken for granted, if not actually underrated.

So I've changed the name of the website; but, if nobody minds, I'm going to leave it here as my small tribute to her memory.

Paul M.


I am so sorry about Charlotte

17th November 08:45

I am so sorry she passed away.



17th November 13:50

The news of Charlotte's death is truly tragic.

I am so sorry


A sad day...

18th November 00:01

I was greatly saddened today - as I am sure you were - to learn of Charlotte Coleman's untimely demise. I think we've lost a great talent. I hope you can find sometime in your busy schedule to make some kind of tribute on your nice "unofficial" web site.

Jimmy Angelakos


18th November 04:57

My commiserations for the death of a very talented actress which we all liked. Another young one leaves so soon...

Steve Roberts


18th November 10:02

My thoughts are with Charlotte's family, friends and fans. A sad loss, way, way before her time. She was one of the few actresses that I would take time out to see on tv. She will not be forgotten.



18th November 10:21

I stumbled across your site this morning and I would like to say that this shocking news has stunned me.

I live in the town that Oranges are not the only fruit was set in and have admired Charlotte from a distance since I was a child when I first saw that film, being truly surprised to find out we were only the same age.  She had an enigmatic persona and was truly unique and I feel her full and true potential would have blossomed into something not short of awesome had she been allowed to.

It wakens you up to life when you see just how fragile our mortality is.

David Addison


18th November 11:07

Leave the website, leave it where it is, anybody who would mind has problems.

Like yourself, i've been a fan of Charlotte for years, to read of her death in the paper this morning was devastating. During her life she passed under most people's radar, with her lide now over there is the risk of her star fading completely, now more than ever memorials to her must exist.



18th November 13:00

I've watched Charlotte Coleman since I was a child. Such a beautiful woman, so sad she was taken so young.
Life is very hard sometimes.



18th November 18:32

I can't believe that Charlotte Coleman is no longer with us. She was without a doubt one of the most talented actresses on TV, and she will be sorely missed. Thankyou for updating your site so quickly after the terrible news was announced, and letting us know that there are at least other people who feel as devestated as we do. She will live on forever in the hearts of those who loved her.



18th November 21:54

Thank you for maintaining one of the few Charlotte Coleman sites. It was gratifying to find your nice site a couple of years ago: I was glad to learn that I wasn't alone in falling under the spell of her considerable talent.

Having just heard that she is gone, I am tempted to make long lists of actresses I could easily dispense with, but who will likely live past their 85th birthday, while I will never see a new film with my favorite British actress. I try to fight these self-pitying thoughts, however, since her family and friends bear the real burden of this awful loss.

Her career brought me pleasure; I hope it brought her pleasure and meaning as well.

Jamie Meakes


18th November 22:05

It was Charlotte's perfomance as the young Jeanette Winterson in 'Oranges are Not the Only Fruit' that first got me interested in both the actress and her work. I followed her career after that and I was always pleased to see her pop up every now and again on the TV. When she played Scarlett in Four Weddings I thought 'Wow! She has finally hit the big time!'. It's so sad that she has gone and my heart goes out to her family and friends. She will missed by us all.

Dave Cook


19th November 01:13

My late brother introduced me to Charlotte and I am angry about the situation concrning her death. The lack of news coverage Charlotte got annoyed me big time. But at least this page gives her due respect. Thank you very much from a grateful friend.

Carlos Gutierrez


19th November 03:43

I really can not believe what I have readed in the newspaper this morning. Charlotte was a kind of an ideal love for me when I first knew about her on Four Weddings and a Funeral, it was in 1994 when I spent 6 months in Australia; I got impressed with her style, her genuine personality and always friendly smile. Charlotte, you will be always in my mind and heart. I love you.

Carlos Gutierrez. Monterrey, Mexico

Matt Bowen


19th November 09:42

I haven't seen any news over the weekend, and so only heard of Charlotte's death from a work colleague this morning. I was a big fan of Marmalade Atkins growing up, and always enjoyed seeing Charlotte pop up in new things over the last twenty years. Very sad to hear the news.

Katie Johnson


19th November 10:43

I only learned about Charlotte's death from the Sunday Times 18 November - what a terrible shock!
My thoughts are with her family.

Chris Cattrall


19th November 12:15

So very sad to her the tragic news.  From the little girl in Worzel through an all-too-short career playing some wonderfully eccentric and memorable characters.  Always worth a watch or the price of a cinema ticket.  Keep the site where it is...

Alison Somerville


19th November 12:47

Charlotte's death has only just been reported in Australia & I just can't believe it.  Ever since I stumbled onto Marmalade, I have watched anything that had her in it.  Her acting range was so broad - from bolshie comedy to serious drama - she had an ability to engage the camera and thus the viewer with her entire personality.  And of course her extraordinarily beautiful face.  I always remember a heartwrenching performance she gave in the Inspector Morse series.  She is an immense talent that we should not have had to lose so early.

My sympathies to her family and friends, and thanks for the website.

Becky Stunell


19th November 13:08

I was completely shocked to hear of Charlotte's death.

I remember her from Worzel Gummidge, but especially from Four Weddings (I never saw Oranges...).  She entertained so many people in her life, but I still feel she was underappreciated.  I do hope that now people will come to realise what we have lost.

Myles Hewitt


19th November 16:02

I was very fortunate to get to know Charlotte personally a few years ago, although we subsequently lost touch. Hearing of her death on the radio was a shock, and I wrote the following song which expresses how I feel about Charlotte's extraordinary good humour, fun and warmth.


She was a friend of mine, I can see her face right now,
Laughing in the sunshine of a city afternoon.
We always had a laugh, you just couldn't help it,
I never thought that she'd be gone so soon.

You could say they broke the mould, but that wouldn't do it,
She had her own song which she sang to her own tune.
Dancing down the street, light as a bubble,
No sign of trouble but it came too soon.

But her laughter's ringing out across my empty mind,
She's runing barefoot now across the sands of time.

If you listen carefully, you will hear her laughing too,
Somewhere inside you where the stars caress the moon.
We loved her here on earth but she was restless,
We never thought that she'd be gone so soon, gone so soon.

Jude Rawlins


19th November 16:27

I don't know what to say, except we'll miss u Charlotte. XXX



19th November 17:48

I was very saddened to read of Charlotte's passing in the news online today. I am sure that many here in the United States join in mourning this most accomplished actor. She will always be 'Scarlett' to me. May she rest in peace.

Christina Cabbell


19th November 18:25

I've liked Charlotte ever since I saw her in "Oranges are not the only Fruit", her performance was one of the most haunting I have seen.  I never knew much about her, as we don't get a lot of British shows here in the US, but I've managed to watch her movies if I could get hold of them. 

She seemed so fragile and other-worldly... I guess that's why she's gone way too soon.  Please keep this website.

torben sørensen


19th November 19:30

Please allow a Danish fan to share his grief with the rest of you.
I was completely shocked by the news that Charlotte Coleman had died. I saw her in "How do you want me?" and fell in love instantly. She was the most wonderful actress....and in a strange way stunningly beautiful. I began reading about her and found out that we were born on the same day in the same year...strange...but it makes you think about life when someone so young suddenly isn't here anymore.
My thoughts go out to her family. Dear charlotte, rest in peace.

Chris Goodson


19th November 21:10

I'm 31, I've grown up watching Charlotte, she was a very special person, I can`t believe she`s really gone. i will really miss her. This world is so unfair.

Kirsty Boza

very sad news

19th November 22:53

I've just found your site, after looking to see if there was further news on the terrible news of CC's death. I really can't believe that someone who always seemed so lively and a lover of life has gone so soon, so young. There are few actors I feel I have "grown up" with, she was one, from Worzel on Sunday mornings, to Marmalade after school (the only ITV programme we were allowed to watch (well before the days of multi-channel satelite tv)), Oranges... probably changed my whole view of life, 4 weddings... really wasn't my kind of thing, but I watched it to see CC. Anyway... she will be very sadly missed, truly a great loss, condolences to her family.

Chris Sadler

Very sad day

20th November 05:32

Just heard the news about Charlotte and it's a very sad day. I first saw her as Marmalade Atkins and she remains one of the few actresses I'd turn on the TV especially to watch. She'll be very deeply missed by more people than she'll ever know.
Chris - Melbourne, Australia

John Murphy

goodnight charlotte.....

20th November 08:15

Very sad. I shall miss a great actress , and seeing that pretty face.
I have been watching charlotte on tv for years, I shall continue to do so. A great loss.....
                            with love g.b.j

Charlotte Watson-Todd

Very Sad News

20th November 11:36

I could not believe it when my friend told me that Charlotte Coleman had died, I grew up seeing her on TV and thought that she was really a brilliant actress. I am 30 today and I suffer from asthma too, and it seems tragic that this has happened. I will always remember her and send my best wishes to everyone that knew and loved her.

another Charlotte

Gary Tams


20th November 14:27

I was told about Charlotte Colemans death by a friend at work a few days ago. We had been talking about 'Four Weddings..' a couple of weeks before. I had been telling my workmate how I used to fancy Charlotte while I was at school when she was playing 'Marmalade Atkins'. I was really shocked to hear of her death. I've sort of grown up with her watching her on tv from 'Worzel Gummidge' to 'Oranges..' etc. I think its a tragic loss. She had developed from child star to a really talented actress and will be sorely missed.

Jon Purdon

Goodnight, Sweet Angel

20th November 18:29

"Slender bride, your beauty shines from you
 And forever more, I'll be on your side for sure
 A light in your life, that always burns for you
 As time passes.... so quickly"

Jon, London N7

Richard Hardy

Deepest sympathy

20th November 19:40

Mary and I met Ann Beach and Francis Coleman on a tourist train going around Antibes.    We talked of Charlotte and our thoughts go out to you both at this sad time.
Mary and Richard H. Hardy, Hythe, Kent

Steve Hatcher


20th November 20:52

I fell in love with marmalade when I was a lad, I dont know how old I was, but that has always stayed with me.

I have just read the messages, and now I am bawling my eyes out, a 31 year old married bloke with three kids.............

My first love has gone.......

Colin Wilson


20th November 21:20

Charlotte Coleman was a wonderful young actress who brightened everything she appeared in.  Underrated she most definitely was.  Less able actors benefited from appearing alongside Charlotte, garnering laurels for 'acting' opposite someone whose supreme talent was making it seem so effortless.  Those of us who admired her impressive body of work will never forget her.  
, Seattle

David Brider

Charlotte Coleman site

20th November 21:53

I had the privilege and pleasure of meeting Charlotte some years ago when she appeared in a play in Shepherd's Bush.  It would be hard to imagine a more genuine, down-to-earth, kindhearted person - she was most welcoming to me, a little awestruck fan.  She had a modesty about her abilities which came through then and subsequently (after Four Weddings And A Funeral she *could* have taken the Hollywood dollar, but instead continued to live in North London and work in all manner of TV and radio work, as well as some rather left-field films).  My fondest memory is of her signing her name inside my TV tie-in edition of "Worzel Gummidge" featuring her 11-year-old self on the front cover.  "David," she said to me, "how do you spell 'support'?"  I find it hard to believe that someone so vibrant and alive could die at such an early age - I'm still in shock about it, to be honest; I know it sounds like a cliché, but I really feel as if I've lost someone close to me.

The first I heard of her death was when I woke up on Saturday morning, turned on the radio as I was getting my breakfast ready, and heard the news announcer saying "an asthma attack has claimed the life of Four Weddings And A Funeral actress Charlotte Coleman."  I had to do a bit of a double take before what she had said sank in.  I immediately checked my e-mail, to discover a dozen e-mails from people contacting me through the website which I've set up about Charlotte and her work.  I've lost count of the number of e-mails I've received about her over the weekend, and it's really touched me.

I'd not really bothered to write to her much over the last few years, and I wish I had, especially when, after an appearance on a show earlier this year being interviewed, it was obvious that she was unwell.  I've recently taken up horse riding, something I've wanted to do for a long time.  I think part of that desire was to do with Charlotte's appearance in "Inappropriate Behaviour," in which...well, I forget the plot, but it involved lesbian incest and horseriding, as far as I can make out, and there was no way I was ever going to be an incestuous lesbian, so horseriding it was.  It would have been nice to have shared that with her.  Now I'll never have the chance.

She played a lot of people who were psychotic, or lesbian, or both.  She was neither, by the way.  Just charming and a bit quirky.  One of the reports I've read since Saturday described her as "quirky and eccentric".  That sort of had me thinking - I *knew* there was something I liked about her.  That's it in a nutshell.  She was an individual.

Although she'd appeared in many outstanding roles in her 25 years in the acting profession, I genuinely believe that there was potential for so much more and that the best was yet to come.  I'm gutted to think that it's come to such an abrupt end.

I especially feel for her family at this time.  I've been in touch with her agents, and messages of condolence and sympathy to her family can be sent via them.  The address is

c/o Ruth Young
Peters Fraser & Dunlop
Drury House
34-43 Russell Street
London WC2B 5HA

Also, flowers can be sent to St Marylebone Crematorium, East End Road, Finchley, London N2 before midday on Wednesday 21st November.

Charlotte Coleman.  3rd April 1968 - 14th November 2001.  RIP.




20th November 22:21

I was deeply shocked to hear about the sad loss of Charlotte.  I loved her in Four Weddings and a Funeral, she was fantastic and very funny.  I didn't really see her in a lot of things but always remember watching her as I child in Marmalade Atkins.  My thoughts and sympathy go to all her family and friends. What a tragic waste, she will sorely missed.

Di Lenzin



21st November 00:10

Thank you for your website ... I also thought she as a brilliant actress... I am deeply saddened by the news of her death ... what a tragedy.

Louis Williamson

missing you already

21st November 00:29

Losing your first love sums it up nicely. I think most people of a certain age will feel that they grew up alongside her characters. She was pretty and talented and, by all accounts a very friendly person. I'll never forget her.

My thoughts go out to those close to her.




21st November 13:26

I read about charlotte's death on the internet and was deeply saddened. I didnt see anything on the TV about it. Ive always admired her and thought she was a great actress. It seems so wrong when things like this happen, it's just not fair at all. I will miss her and my heart goes out to her family. Love Marianne.


sad news

21st November 18:15

i'm so shocked to hear of charlotte's passing. i remember her so well as marmalade atkins, an as jess. how do you want me was great fun, too.

she was always so natural, and seemed so much fun.

this needn't be the end for charlotte. just go to, kirsty maccoll's website, and see what can happen when a much loved celebrity dies too young. charlotte will always be remembered as good fun. she appeared in good quality work, and had so much ahead of her.


So sad...

21st November 21:03

I'm from the Czech Republic and I'm a great fan of Charlotte. I've only seen her in 'Four Weddings...', but it was a love at first sight. I'll miss her very much.

Mark Mally 

Was A Childhood Fantasy

22nd November 00:59

I first remember Charlotte as Marmalade Atkins and I had a massive childhood crush on her.  I am so sad that she has passed.  Just like the WTC disaster, I wish I had paid more attention before hand.  

Kurt Roberts

very sad....

22nd November 01:30

I feel i must offer deep condolence about charlottes death to somebody who appreciated her as much as myself i never met her it is a strange feeling i have ..i was so shocked on saturday and cried when her parents were speaking on tv i had followed her work for years and was always my no 1 actress ...

Sue Hall

A Shining Light Lost

22nd November 10:57

Deepest sympathy to Charlotte's family and all those who loved her, either because you knew her personally or because, like me, you saw her magic and beauty shining through in the parts she played.  I am so sorry her life was so short, but how wonderful that she was here for the time she had!