I've been reading The Beano since I was five - not constantly, you understand - and it seldom fails to delight. This is what a 'comic' is to me. You can keep your continental clever-dickery and your sassy Stateside 'comic books' - The Beano is the pinnacle of juvenile periodical entertainment, and D C Thomson are the guardians of our children's sense of fun. Here, I attempt to take the fun out of the subject with an overview of its history and most notable artists (including my own opinions when the facts fail me). Hope you enjoy it... Paul

Latest update: 4th December 2001

Big Eggo the Ostrich, Billy Whizz and Roger the Dodger updated.

Those of you who follow my web-based shenanigans may be interested to know that this Beano site is the area I will be concentrating on for the next few months. Yes, I know I said that last July and then did nothing for six months, but this time I mean it.

In case anyone's interested, I'll post the changes here. Hopefully this site will become a useful reference point, as the internet is still lacking in Beano-related stuff.

"Go to Toonhound! Now!" - says Dennis the Menace

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