Plug comic

In 1977 a new spin-off comic was launched to replace Sparky. The result was 'Plug', by some way the strangest comic ever produced by D. C. Thomson.

Based around the Bash Street character, it redefined his character as a rather self-important buffoon, who as ever was oblivious to his true looks and considered himself extremely handsome. He was accompanied by his dog, Pug, from Pup Parade, and a new character, Chunkee the Monkey. His similarly goofy parents made regular appearances. The comic's fan club was "Plug's Sports and Social Club", reflecting another new character twist. Lastly, his full name was revealed to be Percival Proudfoot Plugsley.

Various other strips in the comic were inspired by him, from Gulp, "The Intergalactic Goon with the Gigantic Gullet", to the odious Plug Bugs. Plug's strip was drawn mainly by Vic Neill, although in later issues occasional stories were drawn in a madcap painterly style by a different artist.

Sadly, Plug failed to take off, perhaps because of its higher cost - printed on shiny paper with lashings of colour, it sold for 9p at a time when the Beano was only 5p! In 1979, after only 76 issues, Plug was subsumed into The Beezer , where it continued as a pull-out section. Several strips survived the later change to A4 format, including 'Plug' itself, which continued, still drawn by Neill, until the late eighties.