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These are the artists that currently have their own entries:
Artist Best known for...
Dudley D. Watkins Lord Snooty; Desperate Dan [Dandy]
Jimmy Clark Pansy Potter in Wonderland
Allan Morley Keyhole Kate, Hungry Horace [Dandy]
David Law Dennis the Menace (1951-71); Beryl the Peril
Paddy Brennan General Jumbo
Ken Reid Roger the Dodger
Leo Baxendale Bash Street Kids (1954-1952), Minnie the Minx (1953-1962)
Malcolm Judge Billy Whizz; Ball Boy
David Sutherland Dennis the Menace (1970-98); Bash Street Kids (1962-present); Billy the Cat
Jim Petrie Minnie the Minx (1964-2000)
Bill Ritchie Baby Crockett [Beezer]
Ron Spencer Little Plum (1962-198?); Baby Face Finlayson
Robert Nixon Ivy the Terrible
John Geering Bananaman [Nutty]; Smudge; Number 13
Vic Neill The McTickles; Tim Traveller
Tom Paterson Calamity James; Minnie the Minx (2001)