Series 5

February 2nd - July 1985 (10am - 11.20 am, except 18th May: 9.30am - 11am )

Ethel Davis Sandi Toksvig
Harry Stern Nick Staverson
Dawn Lodge Andrea Arnold
Neil Neil Buchanan
Kim Kim Goody
Also featuring:  
Martin Edwards Richard Addison
Hazel Edwards Jeannie Crowther
Fred the Postman Tony Aitken
Tony Deal Nick Wilton
Eazi Target Tony Hippolyte
Frederick Crossfield Michael Maynard
Ethel's bank manager, Frederick Crossfield, made regular appearances in this series, in which he became her unlikely suitor. The wedding episode ('Ding-Dong') was the last show, featuring a host of celebrity wedding guests - 5 Star, King, Bucks Fizz, Junior... As it turned out, they both stood each other up (shades of the Mavis and Derek storyline in Coronation Street the previous year), but this wasn't revealed till the beginning of the next series.

Roman Around, the first of this year's 'Front Door Productions'.

  • Among this year's 'Front Door Productions' were Roman Around, The Three Musketeers, and something about Pirates.
  • Roman Around was filmed at Hever Castle in Kent (surprise) and featured "the four from No. 73 playing 34 different parts between them!"
  • Sandi Toksvig confessed "Now I've got a few of these productions under my belt, I'm writing them much quicker as I'm more sure of what will make the audience laugh, and exactly how far we can go... The trickiest thing about writing these stories is making sure that you don't end up with scenes where two characters talking to each other are both supposed to be played by the same actor!" (Look-In, February 2nd.)

An exclusive behind-the-scenes piccy from the wedding episode. Note, on the back wall, the frieze of the entire street drawn by young viewer Nic Ayling - now a television producer himself at the famed Maidstone studios!

(Isn't that Kevin Spacey standing next to Neil Buchanan?)

Picture courtesy and (C) Gary Rose (ex-TVS Telecine, now Maidstone Studios VTR)